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Ryles (Co-Host Zach Comm as a V-Tuber) pops in to solo host The Nifty Show and chats about metaverses and digital identities. What is the metaverse and how does it differ from the legacy Internet? How do we all individually create and hone our digital identities already through our selection of profile pic avatar NFTs and our personal branding on social media platforms? 



Metaverse is a current buzz word as we explore the concept of increasingly immersive digital spaces and interactions. The problem we are facing is the siloed nature of metaverses and blockchains, which we are trying to solve via interoperability, yet many metaverses are trying to position themselves as the defacto “metaverse” – one to rule them all.  

Ryles suggests there isn’t much difference between the concept of a metaverse and the reality of our current experience of the Internet. We are already in the metaverse, spending a large majority of our time online, whether for work or leisure. 

Every single person who has any sort of online presence has cultivated their own digital identity with a combination of conscious and subconscious effort. We all carefully tailor every message we put out into the world on the major social media platforms rather than simply reacting to new information in real time, which is not to say we are necessarily inauthentic in our self presentation. 

The proliferation of digital identities through virtual fictional character representation is another example of metaverse creation, enabling V-Tubers – Virtual YouTube creators, to display themselves online in a unique and curated animated persona.

The legacy Internet is full of digital identities and personas, whereas web3 has a phenomenon of 1:1 pre-packaged digital identities via NFT, some of which imply or signify a newly minted social strata. 

Digital identities are being sold to us in the metaverse, and maybe it is time for us to demand more from projects curating and creating our digital identities with more customizable features, enabling us to create more authentic digital identities within developing metaverses and worlds.

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