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Warrior Legends, Waxel Ninjas and NiftyDrops – The Nifty Show #81

Joel is out today, but the Nifty Show carries on with guest-host Zach Comm joining Travis! This episode welcomes super fun generative art project Waxel Ninjas, a fun trading card game called Warrior Legends and the Nifty Drops app. Let’s get Nifty!

As always you can listen to the audio on your favorite podcast player, but the Nifty show is best watched on video so you can see what we are talking about.



Waxel Ninjas – Ryu
WAXEL Ninjas Collectible – 08/08/2021 – 4 PM CEST!

Warrior Legends – Dom

Check out this AMAZING NFT from VulcanVerse. Some are saying they are ready to pay $500,000 for this.

Nifty Drops app – Hunter

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