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The Nifty Show #172 – United People of SEVENFRIDAY, UPO7F



Physical-to-digital is a growing use case for NFT technology, tracking the origin and history of ownership of a physical item digitally on the blockchain with an NFT to detail an item’s provenance and features. Today we are joined by luxury watch and lifestyle brand creators Dan Niederer and Marco Parrino to share the philosophy behind SEVENFRIDAY and the UPO7F community.

When we developed and defined the parameters and values of the brand, the philosophy of SEVENFRIDAY crystalized fairly quickly. Since a follower cannot be a winner, our ambition to create our own niche according to our values and beliefs became clear. After all, our plan has always been to build a sustainable brand, not just sell products. In fact, the goal is for the brand to be more than just products.

With SEVENFRIDAY as a brand we want to create and convey a life attitude that represents sincerity, positivity, inclusivity, and respect. We wanted to create an environment where we enjoy what we do and surround ourselves with people we like to do it.

The name is an invitation to live everyday like it is Friday. The brand also uses a ‘Show me, don’t tell me’ tagline to remark the importance of a life attitude privileging emotional vs rational, actions vs words, creativity vs unquestioned standards.

UPO7F was created to cultivate and grow the community of SEVENFRIDAY. The unity and tight knit nature of this group is reflected in the name: the united people of SEVENFRIDAY. With our unique NFTs as an all access ticket to the core of UPO7F, customers can unlock a number of experiences and gain admission to exclusive community events. Our goal at UPO7F is to create an environment where like minded individuals can shape the future together.


Dan Niederer – Originally, my background was not at all in watches, I did my master’s in law and had my first job in the IT industry. By chance, I obtained the job to restructure offices of a Swiss trading house representing various watch brands in Asia and Pacific. After 10 years living with my family in Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo and Bangkok we decided it was time to not only move back home but to also venture into a new chapter professionally. Being heavily involved in a wide range of brands and markets has given me an interesting mix of experiences.

Moving back to Switzerland in 2010, I invested into a Watch Design Studio first. With this base, the intention has always been to build a brand, which happened with SEVENFRIDAY in 2012.

Marco Parrino is an Italian businessman, digital content creator and author. He holds a bachelor degree in Economics, Markets and Institutions from the University of Bologna and masters in Marketing Management from Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. After his studies, Marco has worked for various international brands as a luxury consultant in high fashion industry, participating in the most important fashion weeks and international events, creating digital and editorial content. Always passionate about traveling and fashion, Marco has secured his journey as a content creator with a community of 470K people that accompany him during his adventures.

Instagram: @sevenfriday


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