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Travis Is About to Drop Some Epic Sh*t

We start this week with Nifty Show news. After about… oh, a gazillion shows, Travis is leaving the Nifty Show and setting up his own podcast, which will be called The Epic Sh*t Show. We’re sure it will be epic and not at all shit. Get in early and you can win a GPK and Blockchain Heroes pack. Stepping into his seat is Joel’s son, Zach Comm, creator of the Draco Dice NFT collection.

Trading has been mixed this week. The biggest climber was Bloot, up almost 200 percent in one day. It will need plenty more days like that though, to match the price of Bored Ape Yacht Club. They’re selling for almost 37 ETH. That’s almost four times their closest rival, Cool Cats.

NFT gaming got a big boost this week. Vulcan Forged launched a new decentralized exchange for gaming tokens. The release of VulcanDEX follows the success of its gaming metaverse, VulcanVerse. The DEX will allow users to trade gaming tokens without having to register.

New NFT collections have been coming thick and fast. Outkast sold out its collection in just 44 minutes. And the people at KB24 are releasing a collection of Kobe Bryant NFTs to benefit the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation.

The Peacock Society is launching some cute art combined with BSC Pancakeswap staking. Six percent of the primary sale will be used to yield about $80,000 each year for the community. The project plans to become a DAO whose decisions are made by holders. The sale starts on October 15 and will end with a raffle of up to 10 ETH. Peacock prices begin at 0.05ETH.

If birds aren’t your thing, try a sloth. The Sloth Lounge will be minting 4,500 randomly generated sloths, hand-drawn by an award-winning Australian artist. Each NFT will give the holder one entry into a “SLOTTERY,” a monthly lottery, mint, drop, or collab.

Sloths are cute but if you want scary, try some nice fun zombies. The collection will release 8,000 of 10,000 NFTs created by a Singaporean artist who contributes regularly to Disney. The remaining NFTs will be available for searching. The creators want to give the community a range of interaction options, from casinos to schools and other locations, and hope to work with brands.

RAWR Trading is all about robots. The collection is made up of 10,000 animated NFTs drawn by children’s book illustrator Lilian Espinoza. The robots will follow, retweet and mention three friends to land collectors a giveaway. Collectors will be able to play with them on the WAX blockchain.

Or you could stick with cute. Funny Cat is a staking platform that lets users stake a collectible card and receive a CatCoin token, a currency that will be used in a future game.

There are plenty of other options coming up though. NFTCatcher has its eyes on the OG 5 Collection from Filipino toy designer Quiccs. Wax is looking forward to some strange and unusual creeps. Niftydrops is dropping some SolChicks. has just added a Bullseum. And NFT Insider is getting ready for a host of releases including some new Derpy Cats Collab Packs.


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