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The State of NFTs + NFT.NYC Pre-Show



Summer is coming with the solstice on June 21, yet we are in the depths of a crypto and NFT winter with the brunt of the bear market. The NFT markets are down, but adoption hasn’t slowed at all; in fact, it has increased.

Sir Lords Joel and Travis offer an NFT market update of where we are now, and look ahead to where we’re going.

This environment feels reminiscent of the 1999-2000 technology bubble, where technology companies exploded in the market and only a few survived to be long-term, viable and successful companies. Joel and Travis give their thoughts – not financial advice – on the projects and features they see maintaining dominance in the space.

The NFT community is congregating in New York City for NFT.NYC next week as building season continues with a multitude of events and collaboration opportunities for attendees. Joel and Travis are speaking on DAY ONE June 21, 2022 of NFT.NYC at Radio City Music Hall around 2:40 PM ET, sharing the “15 Ways to Create a Successful NFT Project”. Will you be there? Let us know in the comments.

Links discussed during the show:
NFT NYC Draft Program, available here.

Nifty Castle event

Ancient Wisdom event