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The Official Farrah Fawcett NFT



We are launching the official Farrah Fawcett red bathing suit poster as an NFT collection next month. 

This is an iconic piece of American pop culture. The original is hanging in the Smithsonian. 

It is also an example of a female NFT project. Farrah herself owned the copyright. We have a female African American NFT artist, Elise Swopes, reimagining the poster and celebrity DJ Sam Ronson doing some original music. Proceeds go to the Farrah Fawcett Foundation. 

Peter Klamka has been active in the crypto space since 2013. He founded a bitcoin ATM company in New York City while working at a private equity firm as his day job. The ATM company and his interest in crypto grew during this period of time. The passage of the Bitlicense gave him all of the incentive he needed to head to the West Coast. Peter founded MORE, the world’s first cryptocurrency-themed nightclub in 2016 at the Bellagio. Entry to MORE required ownership of the MORE token which trades on Bittrex.  MORE expanded to affiliate locations in Los Angeles, Miami, Orange County, and even London. 

In 2020, Peter was approached by an entertainment attorney to develop NFTs.  Peter created a series of NFTs for Tiger King, the Estate of Chris Farley, and the Estate of Pat Morita aka Mr. Miyagi.  

Operating under the MORE banner, the company was selected by the Farrah Fawcett Foundation to create an NFT for the famous red bathing suit poster.  Most recently, MORE entered into a partnership with the Estate of Audrey Hepburn to develop an NFT collection for the style icon due out in June 2022. 

Additionally, MORE and Peter are strategic advisors to Resorts World Casino in Las Vegas to develop cryptocurrency and NFT projects that appeal to hospitality and gaming clients.  

The Farrah Fawcett NFT collection will debut at Resorts World prior to the auction. 

This is the first time that a Las Vegas Strip casino has embraced and promoted any NFT drop. 


Visual Storyteller. iPhone Artist. Entrepreneur. We Rise Better Together™ 

When Elise Swopes first joined Instagram in 2011, she couldn’t have imagined that she’d one day be featured on billboards, in commercials, and on mood boards at agencies across the globe.

She just knew that the phone in her hand held an incredible power, one that would allow her to inspire others while showcasing her unique vision.



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