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The Nifty Show Live #105 Featuring: Niftyville, Happy Little Hairdos, Toniq Labs




  • Featuring Guest Floyd King from Onessus
  • NiftyVille is a place where you get to be you. But the extraordinary is always just around the corner! Demolition Derbies, Races, Zombie Parties… anything can happen in the world’s first play-to-earn open-world game.
  • Coming soon to the Ethereum network.

Happy Little Hairdos

  • Roadmap
  • The Mission: Curated Cuts for a Cause
  • Beyond the scheduled 10,000 unique tokens, an expanding collection of otherwise impossible traits will be purposefully illustrated and curated for future volumes of the “Happy Little Hairdos” coffee table book as well as charity causes.
  • From “Folds of Honor” to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, “Happy Little Hairdos” will have a number of EXCLUSIVE NFTs meant to give back. 50% of initial net sales for cause-driven “Curated Cuts” NFT’s will be split with the corresponding non-profit. 
  • “One of my main objectives after hearing about Bob and his family being robbed, is to make sure this parody project can give back to his son Steven.” 

Toniq Labs, Bob Bodily

Chief NFT Officer @toniqlabs / Deep on Ethereum and Internet Computer / Providing insights on cutting edge tech and NFTs on the IC /

Currently the Chief NFT Officer at ToniqLabs. Received PhD in Instructional Technology from BYU. Has worked as a data engineer and data scientist for the past 5 years at various tech startups. Currently working on play to earn games, cross-platform creator NFTs, the Spider DAO, proof of humanity NFTs, and proof of attendance NFTs.



Bob Bodily, Chief Product Officer of Toniq Labs dives deep on NFTs and Toniq Labs’ plans to expand their offerings.


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