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The Nifty Show #91 Featuring Slickverse, Koala Intelligence Agency, ArtStars & Character for Games  

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Slickverse by Slick 

  • Hand-drawn characters each with a unique look and unique color camo! Not one is the same so they are unique just like every human being. They all descend from the same Slickverse upon the multiverse to be guardians for those in need! Each one has his own back story and you the holder decide what it will be!

Koala Intelligence agency – Lakoz

  • We, hereby, authorize the procedure with all due haste and circumspection upon your undertaking.
  • Hereafter, this matter shall be referred to only as KIA. Future considerations relative to the total
  • disposition of this matter should rest no lower than Level 9 personnel including newly recruited Central
  • Intelligence Officers of K.I.A following appropriate discussions with their recruited Koala Agent.
  • Koala Intelligence agency (

ArtStars & Character for Games, Dmitri

ArtStars (

  • Art Stars are 10,000 crypto villains living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. Get your own Art Star, which may hold a legendary NTF in their hands. But you better be careful, your Art Star is a kleptomaniac criminal and may try to steal your NFTs

Characters for Games 

  • NFT characters are a set of universally generated characters created and stored in the blockchain. They can be used in the future in a variety of role-playing games.

Honorable Mentions:

Dorkis –


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