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The Nifty Show #83 Featuring Top Dog Beach Club, Star Atlas & nWayPlay

In episode 83, we chat with Top Dog Beach Club, Star Atlas & nWayPlay about what they are bringing to the NFT world. We’ve got dogs partying on a private island, a new metaverse & an Olympic Celebration.


Top Dog Beach Club, Paul

  • Welcome to the Top Dog Beach Club! A unique NFT experience, pushing the boundaries of community and club membership.
  • These dogs have had enough of the COVID-19 lockdowns. So they fucked off to a private island to have 24/7 beach parties. But who will emerge as Top Dog?

Star Atlas, Michael Wagner

  • As an initiation into the metaverse of an entirely new genre of experiences, Star Atlas is offering everyone an opportunity to be part of the journey. The release of a series of 14 super-high-definition Meta-Posters blurs the line between the real and the virtual world, simultaneously bringing utility and rewards to both.

nWayPlay, TK (Taehoon Kim)

  • Taehoon Kim, CEO and co-founder of nWay, the developer and publisher behind mobile games Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, and WWE Undefeated. Kim’s company was officially licensed by the International Olympic Committee to produce digital Olympic pins.
  • Tokyo 2020 Common drop sold out. The only way to get these boxes now will be in this giveaway.
  • Link to register for the giveaway:
  • More officially licensed NFT Olympic Digital Pins will be available soon on!


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