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The Nifty Show #63 – Luck & Neat, Immersys, Crazy Eggs and More!

Luck & Neat – 

  • MOBO Award Winners DJ Luck & MC Neat have teamed up with the King of NFTs ‘WAX’ to give you this once in a lifetime NFT Drop.
  • On the 10th June, 4PM the No.1 selling UK Dance act will release a limited supply of the critically acclaimed ‘A little Bit of Luck’ NFT Album. 3 lucky fans will have the chance to win exclusive perks and rewards hidden inside the album packs, including a Global VIP Backstage Pass.

Dan @

  • The WAX NFT Metaverse
  • Currently in Closed Beta.
  • Immersys takes your favorite WAX NFT collections makes them in-game items, apps, games, wearables, and access keys!

The Scrambling of Crazy Eggs June 7th