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In the five years I’ve been watching NFTs, I have seen a lot of projects launch. I’ve seen some that have exploded and some that have been epic fails. What I love to see is a project I get into that has the legs to stick around and truly work out and develop their roadmap. This is the case for SuperYetis. I minted three SuperYetis over a year ago and not only have these guys survived, they are thriving and have airdropped additional NFTs to holders, have land, and more announcements around what they’re doing. 




Cape has founded three start-ups, the latest being SuperYeti launched in 2021. Cape became involved in cryptocurrency and NFTs in 2017. His first NFT purchase was a CryptoKitty (sadly not a Crypto Punk). 

SuperYeti is the first 10,000 NFT featuring 3D art. We are the home of the meme-lords & sh*t posters, the artists and builders. We’re the original NFT meme project and the only thing we’re serious about is building!

We recently dropped three big announcements, our current and on-going Land Quarry sale, Yeti Bomber (video game) and Seddona, a marketplace for games like Steam but for web3. Game developers can submit their blockchain games to the Seddona marketplace here: 



  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:20 Cape, not doxxed founder, gives his background in start-ups
  • 02:20 First NFTs were Crypto Kitties, not Crypto Punks
  • 02:40 You claim to have launched the first 3D NFT series; is that true? 
  • 03:30 These are fun NFTs. I just love them; so much, I minted three at mint a year ago. What was the initial thought? Were they just to be PFPs, or did you have a big vision from the beginning? 
  • 04:53 Next, you did a free minting of companion snow demons; anybody who held a Yeti could mint a Snow Demon for gas only, but I think gas was so expensive back in February, a lot of people opted to not mint their Snow Demon. 
  • 06:00 If you have a SuperYeti and a Snow Demon, you can incubate a third character, too. 
  • 06:15 For every pair of SuperYeti and Snow Demon you have, you can get a Land Quarry with an incubator on it, which can lead to the next character. Mint is open now on the website, even if you don’t have a Super Yeti or a Snow Demon, you can mint a Land Quarry. 
  • 07:50 The Land Quarry plays into a game akin to Bomber Man; an MMO, Super Bomber. The Land Quarries become resources. 
  • 09:35 When will the game be available to play? 
  • 10:15 I applaud you for not only continuing, but pushing beyond your initial launch. I am a lifelong gamer and have been playing computer games since 1980. One of the things that has really boomed in the gaming space are platforms where there are marketplaces allowing users to download and play games. You just announce you are launching Seddona; tell us more. 
  • 13:47 There’s a placet o submit your game on the website. If there’s a game on WAX, is there a way to submit that as well, or is it just Ethereum, Polygon, Binance, etc.? 
  • 15:12 On the website at, you have a Lore section. Can you sum that up for us? 
  • 17:00 Outro


Do your own due diligence and research.  Neither Joel Comm, Zach Comm nor Travis Wright are FINANCIAL ADVISORS.

We are sharing our journey with you as we learn more about this crazy little thing called cryptocurrency.  We make NO RECOMMENDATIONS.  Don’t take anything we say as gospel. Do not come to our homes with pitchforks because you lost money by listening to us.

We only share with you what we are learning and what we are investing in. We will never “pump or dump” any cryptocurrencies. Take what we say with a grain of salt.  You must research this stuff on your own! Just know that we will always strive for RADICAL TRANSPARENCY with any show associations.