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Solana Takes Off – Nifty News #84 for Tuesday, Aug 17

Move over CryptoPunks, there’s a new hot property in town.  And they might be penguins. Marvel Mighty NFTs are coming to Veve. Solana is back to it’s all time highs as NFTs are all everyone wants. And you can have an exclusive private stay in the heart of Venice by owning an NFT.  

We’ve got lots to talk about, and we’ll bring you another augmented video segment as we cover The Floor.  All this and more on the nifty news episode #84 of The Nifty Show. 


Coin Gecko NFTs







‘The Floor’ 


  • NFT-Rex Avatars – There are 2000 1/1s – 0 to 6 attribute combos and 6 different NFT-Rex types (colours) to determine rarity
  • Dominapes 
  • Hammered Dragon Winery1. our NFTs have AI and can chat with owners – we are the ONLY one to date. 2. we feature NFT-integrated online games (plural!). We are good at building games and these games will step-by-step lead to an enormous Metaverse. We believe that games are one of the best forms of utilities for NFTs and will bring long-term value to HDW dragons. 3. we feature WWW (Weekly Wine Wednesday) events, where we hold different kinds of gaming contest etc. and let people hangout, drink, and have fun together. And we are talking to Wine makers to get our members discount on wine purchase!
  • Pork 1984 – Updates coming:
  • Name Your BroPunk – Thursday at 12 pm EST 



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