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Once upon a time, in the early lands of the Internet, in the pre-web2 world, there was a file sharing service which you may remember the name of if you had been on the interwebs in the 2003-2010 era called LimeWire. Well, Limewire came up against all kinds of legal troubles because of their file sharing, and ended up having to shut down. They are back in the web3 world with an open music and entertainment marketplace. 

The brand has been revitalized with an entirely new team behind it and translated to web3. We’re joined by Marcus Feistl to talk about the old turned new in Episode #175 of The Nifty Show. 



About LimeWire
LimeWire has been relaunched as a digital collectibles marketplace for music and the broader art and entertainment space. Our new team, led by co-CEOs Paul and Julian Zehetmayr is on a mission to open up the NFT collectibles space to everybody by drastically improving user experience, offering credit card payments and handling gas fees as well as technical hurdles on behalf of users, while leveraging all the benefits of Web3.

On the LimeWire marketplace, music fans and collectors can buy and trade a variety exclusive music-related assets, such as limited editions, pre-release music, unreleased demos, graphical artwork, unseen live versions, as well as digital merchandise and backstage content. Our aim is to make onboarding easy for anyone, with a quick and easy signup, seamless KYC and items priced in US dollars. A crypto wallet is not required, and purchases can be made directly via credit card (or crypto) thanks to our partner Wyre. The marketplace itself is designed to have an intuitive, state-of-the-art user experience and make it easy for anyone to start exploring the exciting world of NFTs.

FEATURED GUEST: Marcus Feistl, LimeWire COO

Prior to joining LimeWire, he was the Country Manager D/A/CH at Bitpanda, where he managed the largest market of Europe’s leading crypto broker. Additionally, he has experience as Management Consultant at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) with a focus on digitization projects. Marcus holds an MSc, Technology Entrepreneurship from UCL and a BSc in International Business.



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    0:00 – Intro
  • 01:20 – Any time we see something old become new again, it warms our hearts because we are Internet OGs.
  • 02:46 – Limewire back in the day was a filesharing peer to peer music platform. We are tapping into the nostalgia of the service right now as users return to the platform and discover it anew.
  • 03:20 – We are now a completely new entity, new concept, with the same brand behind it. We acquired the domain name, social media accounts, and have made it anew with a focus on music and entertainment NFTs.
  • 04:10 – It took months of work to regain control of all the media assets attached to the brand, but it was really worthwhile to have the brand image and translate it into the web3 world today, especially given the overlap of the previous Limewire users and the existing web3 enthusiasts today.
  • 05:00 – LimeWire Originals NFTs were launched, minted in batches of 1,000 in conjunction with certain events offering unique real life and platform utility for the NFT holders. They are avatars based on people in the music space, the NFT space.
  • 06:05 – Ibiza nightclubs are part of the ecosystem, offering exclusive access to NFT holders with more partnerships developing.
  • 06:35 – Travis bought an original NFT and also received one through the Originals affiliate deal, enabling him to be one of the top 10,000 recipients. How many people did you sign up that were legitimate inquiries, how did you avoid fake referrals? That was one of the best web3 email launches I’ve ever seen.
  • 07:50 – Mainstream media coverage was excellent; there were people trying to abuse it and it was a massive clean-up process. The amount of interest we received confirmed the remaining brand recognition of LimeWire and its potential to translate positively in the web3 space.
  • 09:30 – The content is really dependent on each artist, but will be music and entertainment related. The Aitch launch is occurring on Thursday, August 11 with NFTs paired with a vinyl release and more.
  • 13:00 – Explanation of the Souljaboy multiple edition collection featured.
  • 14:10 – It looks like you are ramping up. As you mentioned you’re reviving the brand, how big is the new LimeWire right now? Did you get VC funding for this? How is the structure set up? I think this is fascinating for a lot of people to think about.
  • 14:45 – The entity was rebuilt from scratch, funded by our co-founders initially with a private token sale of the $LMWR token. Public sale available soon.
  • 17:00 – For every LimeWire Original NFT, event and experience access is allowed for the NFT holder and one guest.
  • 18:00 – What’s the next brand we’re going to see come back? Do you think Friendster will make a comeback?
  • 18:25 – Joel purchases an NFT on the platform live on the show.
  • 19:20 – Outro


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