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When I say the words “National Lampoon” what do you think of? Do you think of Van Wilder? Christmas Vacation? If you’re older, you might think of Animal House, but if you’re a true OG you’ll know that National Lampoon began their mainstream distribution as a magazine for young adults.

Catch this episode #197 of The Nifty Show with National Lampoon advisor, James Fink,  “The Art Snitch” about their upcoming NFT mint and entry into web3.




James Fink has almost 25 years in advertising and marketing working for major broadcast companies like CBS and Univision. He got into the NFT/Web3 space first as a fine art photographer (Art Snitch) and quickly started to work as a preferred partner for projects like 0N1 Force, Kindred Hearts and National Lampoon.

“The name Art Snitch comes from my last name, Fink. Many years ago if someone called you a Fink they were calling you a Snitch. I love talking about, creating and sharing my art. Art Fink just does not have the same ring to it.”


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