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Nifty Show Live #103 Featuring: Drop Bears, The Rob Prior, & Splinterlands



Featured Guests:

Drop Bears

  • THE Dropbears Tree Diving Club
    • 9,316,270,080 possible combinations
    • 6,666 to be minted
    • $25 USD of Wax
    • 👉Get a Wax cloud wallet👈
    • Wax is Carbon Neutral and there’s
    • NO GAS FEES!

Rob Prior – The Stan Lee Collection on Mogul

Every great superhero has a great backstory. So too does this collection, the result of years of collaboration between artist Rob Prior and his friend Stan Lee. Rob met Stan in the 90s on the comic book convention scene, but it wasn’t until their mutual friend David Gold suggested that he paint Stan that the Legacy Collection took shape. Stan was a key part of the creative process, and despite busy schedules, they found time over the years to collide and talk about his favorite characters and vision for the future.

The Legacy Collection: Portraits of Stan Lee uniquely captures the life and work of Stan, memorializing his likeness on some of the most iconic Marvel covers ever drawn. A tribute to his friend Stan and the icons he helped forge, this collection is one of Rob’s proudest works. For the initial sale, each NFT will come with the accompanying physical artwork signed by Stan. His hope is that on blockchain, these pieces will live forever. – Jesse Reich



Since the days of the Splintering, the face of the world has been shaped by blood and power. As factions battle for control, primal energies are harnessed and unleashed.

Tired of card games that require a huge investment in time to play a single session? The rapid battles in Splinterlands are fast and furious, each game only taking a few minutes.

Play, Trade, and Earn anywhere at anytime. Splinterlands is available on both desktop and mobile devices.


Void Supernaturals

We’re selling on Atomic, but packs need to be opened on Nefty. Date: Oct 19th, 12pm EST… burning 5% of outstanding supply weekly, beginning Oct 26th. 4-week sale. More details here.  

Undead Presidents 

  • Total Mint: 3,000 unique & rare pieces
  • Price: .08 ETH plus gas
  • Charity Split: 10%
  • Charity Partner: Watsi
  • Presale: October 25th, 2021
  • Main Sale: October 28th, 2021


  • Automatic whitelisting for next NFT drop.
  • Listing on Founders Wall.
  • Access to private Krappy Community area.
  • 25 holders will win free NFTs on the next drop.
  • Holders get to select the next charity partner. 


Lucky Duckies 

Lucky Duckies collections change the NFT game through Physical Item Peg, which allows NFT collectors to claim limited real-world physical collectibles that are pegged with the most special and rare Duckies. 

‘Lucky Duckies Originals’ is a debut collection launched together with a brand of collectible consumer electronics, called Ducky, which produces keyboards and mices loved by gamers and fans across US, Europe and Asia. ‘Lucky Duckies Originals’ come in various levels of rarity, from Super Super Rare to Normal, with each category concepted and designed by renowned global artists. Every collector has a chance to pull a Super Super Rare Ducky with a physical item peg with the odds decided via mystery box mechanics. 

The Lucky Ducky Originals NFTs will drop on October 22nd on the Binance NFT Marketplace, featuring exclusive Mystery Boxes at only $20 BUSD. This collection consists of a total of 25,000 boxes available with no purchase limit per user. For more information, including sale times, purchase limits, and specifics on each type of Lucky Ducky per group and drop change, please visit:

  • Super Super Rare (200 total): Concepted by Cointelegraph and co-produced with NFT1, these most elusive of Duckies exhibit the outlet’s unique and trademark art style. Better yet, the Super Super Rare Duckies are pegged to a real-world upcoming limited-edition keyboard release from Ducky.
  • Super Rare (5,152 total): The Super Rare Duckies are the most valuable in the collection in terms of art. This line comprises Satoshi, Vitalik, and Elon, with all three designed by Cointelegraph illustrators and co-produced with NFT1, and four Duckies designed by famous French pop-up artist JAYET.  
  • Rare and Normal (9,000 and 10,648 total): A diverse and unique collection of pieces from Argentinian artist Gassspanic, Switzerland’s Accard1 and Nes100Pro (both from TeamBlackCat international 3D artists community), and Latvia’s Hobijist, encompassing pieces that explore the experimental, the deeply personal, and the joys of color.

Goons of Balatroon 

  • Technical Roadmap Update 
  • Goon Factory video preview:
  • Our YouTube page, featuring a new short animation series called “Talking Avatars” – 30 sec – 1 min one-liner jokes and sarcastic jabs, getting meaner as we progress – scouring twitter for NFT or crypto related funny stories or drama and writing satirical scripts about them, transforming them in a mini “talk-show” sort of thing in our up coming episodes.
  • Our $TROON token 1st out of 4 snapshots is on Oct 20th, then every 10 days with the final one being on Nov 20th. If your Goon is delisted throughout all 4 snapshots, you will qualify for a claim of 1000 $Troon tokens. Each missed snapshot throughout this month (a Goon is listed on OS) is a 25% penalty, so minus 250 tokens.
  • Staking starts when snapshots end in November. Stake your newly customized Goon Bod + Goons NFT for maximum $TROON claims in December. Staking your Goons Bod is more rewarding (50%) vs Goons NFT is 30%. A staking combo will have a 20% bonus. 
  • Goon Cards marketplace on Layer 2 in December
  • P2E / PvP card battle game in Q1, 2022 – think Hearthstone meets Gods Unchained.


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