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Bitverse will initially launch with Bit Heroes Quest (a Kongregate fan-favorite cross platform mmorpg, already live), followed by Bit Heroes Arena (Battle Royale, currently in open beta), and Bit Heroes Runner (coming later this year) in 2022. 



On 9/8, Kongregate will open pre-registration for players who want to purchase NFT avatars for its soon-to-launch Bitverse collection of web3 games. 

  • 9/8 – Pre-register at to lock your place in line to purchase an NFT avatar. More details at Bitverse NFT Sale
  • 9/22 – Official mint/sale
  • NFT avatars include Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, & Mythic with increasing levels of perks. More details here: Bitverse Hero Perks 
  • The Bitverse is a seamless collection of interoperable web3 games set in a nostalgic 8-bit universe. Each game in the Bitverse will have different game mechanics and gameplay styles but will live within the same game universe – or metaverse.

About Kongregate
Kongregate brings fun to the world!

As a leading game developer and architect of gaming portal, we are a community of creators driven to share our passion with the world. Our mobile games, including the hit collectible card game Animation Throwdown, have been downloaded hundreds of millions of times!

Today we’re pouring our community-driven spirit into exploring the future of gaming and are diving headfirst into blockchain technology. We’re fearlessly exploring what’s currently possible and what could be the future of the gaming industry.




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