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ICE-T & Tommy the Animator – Nifty Show #129
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FEATURED GUESTS – ICE-T and Tommy the Animator
Syndicate Lounge is a place where the syndicate NFT collectors can go for new updates on drop info. Also, it is constructed into a metaverse with virtual performances and a virtual sitdown with the boss “Iceberg” The character portrayed in the syndicate animated promos. Note that all the voice-overs in those animated shorts are done by Ice T.
The next syndicate drop is Jan 4th of 2022 and will be available to all US residents. This will be another super rare drop and will be followed up by the release of what’s leftover of the 10,000 NFTs.


0:00 – Intro

02:49 – Tommy the Aminator gives his background as a 2D 3D animator from the Upper West Side with two drops coming. Graffiti and breakdancing background.

03:58 – How long have you and Ice-T been working together? 

05:20 – Did Busta Rhymes steal his name from your song, Ice-T? {Explanation of “busting a rhyme” is a hip-hop term.} 

07:42 – Explanation of the Ballin’ Buddhas collection, launching on  

09:28 – Graffiti and art and hip-hop. Tommy, you’re right in it; you’re taking the streets to the next level with NFTs. 

10:00 – Ice-T talks about the NFT market adoption, his friend Snoop, and his interest in the space.

11:15 – Introduction to Niftify, who educated us to the space. And here we are; testing the water and didn’t want to be left behind. 

12:00 – How do you think NFTs are going to be changing the game in hip hop and music? 

13:12 – It is like Pokemon cards; value creation from Ice-T perspective

13:35 – why do people have a negative behind NFTs? 

14:45 – Is it just the Ethereum blockchain that bothers them? 

15:57 – When you’re trying to help someone out, artists, etc

16:28 – Value is given to a project by what the people decide. You can actually place value on your item by backing it by some sort of deliverable. What experience can we deliver to our fans that want access to what we’re doing? 

17:45 – The syndicate lounge; buyers can go and get a virtual experience with Ice-T. 

23:08 – Jumbotron story from Ice-T. 

25:05 – How much longer are you going to keep doing the acting, producing, music? 

27:58 – I want to know about Law & Order. You’ve been on this show for 22 years. 

36:34 – Congratulations and happy anniversary. You just spent 21 years with Coco. 

37:11 – When you look at this generation of artists who are creating hip-hop and rap, who stands out to you ? 

38:20 – Tommy mentioned the character on his NFT is called Iceburg. What kind of inspiration is he in this NFT series and what do people need to know about Iceburg character in relation tot his collection? 

39:45 – an NFT from us could become extremely valuable. Joel explains additional value to NFT collections. 

40:13 – 41:46 The beauty of the blockchain to ICE-T. 

43:55 – 45:00 -Did you ever do anything with Robby VanWinkle? (Vanilla Ice?)
45:00 – How’s your freestyle game, Ice-T? Free styling is a skill; I am a rhyme writer. 

46:55 – We have a new 1:1 NFT with a physical. Show and tell. 

47:13 – 49:50 How close were you with NWA back in the day? 

50:40 – Physical statue; show and tell of everyone’s figurine collections

56:45 – The future is coming and we didn’t want to miss the train. 

57:10 – Outro


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