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Music is an industry HitPiece is aiming to improve with blockchain and web3 technologies. Today, we’re joined by Jason Nunnelley of HitPiece to talk about the problems in the music industry and the solutions HitPiece plans to provide to musicians and artists. 

The traditional record label and streaming models are broken with high barriers to entry and are skewed to benefit top tier artists. HitPiece offers the ability for artists to generate creative ways to connect with fans via membership NFTs offering unique fan experiences on the Ethereum blockchain. HitPiece uses a pseudo gas-less method and covers the gas fees for artists to release their NFTs. 




  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 00:54 – What are some of the problems you see in the music industry? 
  • 01:55 – I’d like to understand the scale of the problem. The everyday observer may see platforms like Spotify and others where their content can be easily accessed and listened to, but you’re identifying it is still really difficult to be a successful streaming artist on these platforms. 
  • 03:25 – For the top tier of creators, there are still significant opportunities to connect with fans and audience via NFTs through in-person events, NFT membership fees, and more. 
  • 04:08 – The problems lesser-known artists are facing include earning pennies on the dollar for thousands of people listening to a song. Can you tell us what HitPiece is doing to help with getting those lesser known artists getting the value of the labor they’re putting in, as well as the additional engagement opportunities for artists and fans? 
  • 05:09 – HitPiece is content agnostic; it can be audio, graphics, video, token-gated experiences and more. Operating on the Ethereum blockchain, artists releasing content on HitPiece platform are offered a reduced gas fee for minting. 
  • 06:30 – Chase Paves is an independent artist that came to the platform with his content as an independent artist. We review the collection together. 
  • 08:13 – Another artist distributes NFTs in $USD, which is also possible on our platform with our platform wallet as it offers credit card transactions. Convenient user and fan onboarding, and also convenient for the artist releasing content.
  • 09:40 – NBA Top Shot made their collection super convenient when releasing on the Flow blockchain, but there aren’t as many resale marketplace opportunities or metaverse experiences like the Ethereum blockchain offers. 
  • 10:13 – The first 10,000 users that sign up for HitPiece get their own metaverse ?! Please explain this to me. 
  • 12:00 – We are releasing a new metaverse room soon, larger space for users to throw house parties and share their music and art with their friends.
  • 14:07 – There is a lot of skepticism for musicians and artists about launching NFTs. What assurance would you provide the skeptics about the web3 space?
  • 15:40 – For artists leery of entering NFTs – every technology eventually grows into something substantial with their own unique revenue models. 
  • 17:35 – How to connect with HitPiece. 
  • 19:20 – Outro


Jason Nunnelley has decades of startup team building experience. Jason has worked in music, technology, and rapid innovation since starting his first technology company in 1997.




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