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There is good, there is the metaverse and there is Metagood. What happens when you take good stuff and you combine it with metaverse? Well you’ve got a web3 world of communities that desire to be a catalyst for positive change and action in the world. What happens when you throw a monkey on-chain inside the metaverse, that’s Metagood? Weird stuff afoot, ‘cause you’ve got to feed the monkey. To talk about all of this, we have Amanda Terry, CEO and Chief Operating Officer of Metagood on Episode #178 of The Nifty Show.




OnChainMonkey (OCM) is the first NFT project by Metagood. The first collection known as Genesis was free mint on Sept 11, 2021 of 10K NFTs and was innovative as the first PFP collection that is on chain in 1 transaction (all images, all meta data all on chain in 1 transaction). This means the mint had very low fees, which allowed for more value to be passed on to the projects funded by OCM.

Metagood is a for-profit company that strives to build a better future for Web3 while doing good along the way, simultaneously creating value for its community members and contributing to several important causes.

Karma is the second NFT collection that provides membership into the OnChainMonkey community, governance of the DAO, and participation in community projects as well as the banana economy.  The Karma art was created by an award winning design team known for their work on “Rio”, “Ice Age” and “Ferdinand”.



  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:36 What is Metagood and why did you start it? 
  • 02:42 This first mint was a free mint. With this free mint 11 months ago, the floor on it is 0.75 ETH with a lot of secondary market volume on this. What was the idea with these PFPs?
  • 04:06 We did a second drop of desserts; ice pops, divine donuts, celestial cakes dropped to Genesis Monkey holders. When they “eat” or “burn” the dessert tokens, they get a Karma monkey with the traits of their Genesis monkey. We haven’t yet revealed the celestial cake Karma monkeys.
  • 05:45 Besides being profile pictures, what additional utility is behind the NFTs? 
  • 08:40 How does the metaverse play into it all? Will there be a virtual metaverse where people can hang out as their monkeys?
  • 09:42 Bananas are coming soon, which will be able to be redeemed for merch. How will bananas be earned? 
  • 12:03 I fed my Genesis monkey and got my Karma monkey. What is going to be in the digital store that is currently under construction?
  • 12:37 You mentioned before we hopped on you just got back from Richard Bronson’s Necker Island; what happened there? 
  • 12:46 Co-founders are Danny Yang, Bill Tai, and more.
  • 16:00 – Outro


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