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Today’s guest is Bo Daly, Founder and CEO of Bazooka Tango. Daly shares his background in traditional gaming and the journey of bringing gaming title Shardbound from web2 to web3.



Bo Daly, Founder and Ceo of Bazooka Tango, who recently teamed up with web3 gaming firm Immutable to breathe new life – and blockchain tech – into a 2015 fan favorite, Shardbound.

Bo was a former Rockstar engineer who worked on the massively popular Red Dead Redemption 2 — which sold 38 million units worldwide. With over 17 years of experience in the gaming industry, Bo also founded the mobile game studio Super Evil MegaCorp, the studio behind the mobile-gaming juggernaut, Vainglory.

Bo is open to interviews to talk about his transition into the web3 space and the development of Shardbound, as well as answering any other questions you may have on gaming in general.

About Shardbound:

Shardbound is a next generation collectible tactics game combining the deep strategy of a tactics battle, the collectibility of a card game, and the must-see-tv-thrill of a head-to-head poker tournament. Blending elements of traditional tabletop games with online gaming, Shardbound is set in an eponymous fantasy world where players use their decks of cards to summon creatures, cast spells, and control the battlefield. Developed by mobile gaming studio Bazooka Tango and published by Immutable Games, Shardbound inspires players to get lost in an immersive universe of epic combat where they can forge their identity with every decision. With plans to build on the recently announced Immutable zkEVM, Shardbound offers a democratic trading card ecosystem and seamless experience, taking players where no other game has dared to venture.


Shardbound has been built by Bazooka Tango, a gaming studio run by the founders of Super Evil MegaCorp and web2 gaming veterans behind the award-winning title Vainglory. Initially launched through Kickstarter to critical acclaim, Shardbound has amassed a passionate community since its unveiling in 2015. However, the game never made it to its full release. Immutable Games Studios and Bazooka Tango have partnered to revive Shardbound and revitalize the game with web3 elements to empower players through true user ownership.


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