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festivalPass with Ed Vincent




A summary of VeeCon 2022 from co-host Travis Wright and an introduction to the Festival Family with Ed Vincent. The Festival Family is an NFT project from festivalPass featuring the world’s first live event subscription marketplace.

The Festival Family Founder NFT is a limited collection of 10,000 total Founder NFTs that will be made available in tranches of 1,000. Each new tranche will launch when the previous one is sold out. Price will increase per tranche so it’s important to get in early. Once minted out, there will be no more Founder NFTs offered.

The Founder NFT comes with the ultimate utility and includes a lifetime founder membership to festivalPass with $1,200 worth of credits annually to redeem for over 80,000 live events in North America and 600,000 hotels globally. Just think about it…tickets valued up to $1,200 for live events every year for as long as you hold the NFT. Not to mention quarterly bucket list events only available to NFT holders. Now that is VIP access!

The Festival Family is made up of characters that embody the personas of live event fans everywhere.   

Tranche 1 Character – Legend, the Rockstar.

Legend is a talented guitarist and front man, who has toured in rock bands his entire adult life. He was born in the US, and is of mixed race. He exudes confidence and sex appeal, and is wild and carefree. Everyone that meets him can’t help but want to be him. He is the Rockstar persona in the Festival Family.  Each tranche will come with a different persona.

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