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Netflix meets OpenSea, Cameo, Kickstarter with Entertainmint. Creators want to bypass the current streaming model. Utility via NFTs allows fans and creators the opportunity to collaborate on this new model of the entertainment industry. is Web3 one-stop-shop for creating and fostering community around indie content. We are challenging the traditional streamer model with a collaborative world-building marketplace that allows creators to pair directly with fans to bring something to life. 


  1. Go to to sign-up in the next few days. Follow two of the platform’s projects to get a FREE Neon streamer pass. All you need is an email.
  2. If you buy an NFT ticket, Entertainmint will match the ticket with another prize ticket of equal or greater value. Do it NOW!



At Entertainmint, we stand for creators. Our creators generate revenue on their work by minting and selling multi-tiered fan and brand engagement utility NFTs. Fans can engage as supporters, creatives or collaborators and brands can engage for product placement or to buy licensing rights to merch, gaming and similar. Our platform is a full streamer but also has in development a distribution extension that aids our creators in distributing across web2 and web3 metaverse properties, and our live-event ticketing feature helps to foster community around every type of show.    

We are currently on the ETH chain and our creators can raise in ETH and USDC.  We plan to allow for more currencies next year and go multi-chain (Sui, Stacks/BTC and more.)

Our team-which already includes several rockstars from the TV and licensing world- has raised a 1M pre-seed round and is now chasing a “Series Seed” A of 5M+ in the Fall of 2022. 

FEATURED GUEST: Genevieve Thiers, CEO and co-founder

Genevieve Thiers (primary owner/co-founder) is a founder with proven exits and market expertise. Thiers’s first company raised $56 million in VC funding, invented the online care space and served over 10 million users and thousands of companies before selling to Bright Horizons in 2020. She has since invested in 15+ women in tech companies and is on multiple boards. She is the producer and tech trainer on RUN the Series, now on Amazon Prime, and she is thrilled to be aiming in redesigning streaming and TV in web3 alongside the best team she has ever worked with. She has a crypto podcast on Spotify. See more at


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