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Draco Dice Sweeper – The Nifty Show #148



Dicesweeper is a tactical game of risk and reward! Take turns searching and flagging your opponent’s board to discover and defuse your opponent’s dice before they do the same to you. The winner is determined by a point system which rewards skilled play over speed.

A game begins with die placement. You will be given a 6×6 grid into which to place each of your 6 dice. Place a die by setting coordinates in a command. Valid coordinates are xy where x is a letter from a-f and y is a number from 1-6. For example, “place a1” would set a die in the upper left square of the grid.

You may place more than one die at a time by inputting additional coordinates. For example: “place a1 b4 f5 e2 c3 d3”.
You may also automatically place all six dice at random locations by inputting “autoplace”.

Once both players have placed all of their dice, a roll determines which player goes first.

On your turn, your d4 rolls to give you between 1 and 4 actions. Both types of actions use the same coordinate system and format as the “place” command.

The “search” command will reveal the tile you specify.
If there are no dice adjacent / diagonally adjacent to the tile, the tile will be blank.
If there is at least one die adjacent or diagonally adjacent to the tile, the tile will display a number informing you of how many dice surround it.
If there is an enemy die on the tile, that die will activate and you will suffer its Enchant!

The “flag” command will set a flag on the tile you specify.
If there is an enemy die on the tile, you will defuse that die and score lots of points!
If there is not an enemy die on the tile, you will forfeit the remainder of your turn and your next turn will be skipped.

Here are the Enchant effects for Series 1 Draco Dice:

Guard: Protects the owner from the next Enchant that would be triggered against him.
Splash: The owner’s next Search reveals 5 tiles in a cross. Dice revealed in this way still activate their Enchants.
Immolate: Prevents the player from flagging for 3 turns.
Stagger: Ends the player’s turn and skips the player’s next turn.
Rally: Increases the owner’s next action count by 1 and protects them from losing actions to incorrect flags for that turn.
Haunt: Marks a 2×2 area of the opponent’s grid in which one of their intact dice is.
Punish: Reveals 3 random unrevealed tiles in the opponent’s grid and auto-flags any dice revealed.
Restore: Grants passive 10% bonus rewards. Subtracts 50 score from triggering player.



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