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Dan Bouwer, Crypto Island Dao – The Nifty Show #136



Our goal is to buy an island in the Bahamas together with you! 

Crypto Island DAO is here to make that dream a reality for everyone. This is the first real estate project in the world which set to buy a private island in the Bahamas and tokenise it, the beauty of it is that we all can co-own it!

Imagine telling your family and friends that you officially co-own an island, to be more specific, a co-owner of Little Whale Cay. A fully operational, private island with its own airplane strip! 

The Crypto Island DAO is effectively a platform to raise funds to purchase the desired island of Little Whale Cay, we will be attempting this by selling $PALMTREE tokens through Juicebox. With your voting right you can vote about the use of funds using . The ratio is calculated in Ethereum and 1 ETH equals 1 million $PALMTREE tokens which will be available as long as the crowdfunding on is active. There is no minimum contribution required to invest in the DAO, however, a contribution of 0.05 ETH will provide you the PINK Membership Limited Edition NFT. There are in total 6 different NFT’s available. For more information about our DAO and the NFT’s, make sure to check out our full DAO report below.

The crypto island DAO is your chance to become a co-owner of a real private island in the Bahamas and be part of our governance system.