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Blockchain Heroes collectors rejoice! We have an important announcement about new fun you can have with your existing Blockchain Heroes collection.

Collectors can level up with new NFT packs of their favorite heroes enhanced with artificial intelligence tools we’ve been exploring over at The Bad AI Show.

Tune in to this Episode #207 of The Nifty Show for all the details!


Atomic Hub Heroes Collection  – View the collections on Atomic Hub and snag some more commons for your collection and ENERGIZE your Blockchain Heroes for new animated heroes!

Medium Post with Details – Details on how to “power up” and “blend” or “burn” your Blockchain Heroes for the NEW collection – Come connect with the Blockchain Heroes community in Discord with questions and share your new heroes! – Link for blending / burning on Nefty Blocks


S1: The nifty show.

S2: Welcome to the nifty show, Joel. I’m flying solo today. I’m going to get right to the point.

It’s been almost three years since the nifty show first began, and it began in response to the passion that both Travis Wright and I had for Nfts in Digital Collectibles.

We first started covering the space back in December 2017 on the Bad Crypto podcast, and unless somebody proves to us otherwise, I believe we were the first podcast ever to cover Nfts.

But we didn’t call them NFT because we didn’t know that was the terminology. We called them digital collectibles, which interestingly enough, people are now going back to that again.

And of course it was summer of 2020 when we launched the first Blockchain Heroes collection on the Wax Blockchain. We’ve released four collections since then, and many of you who listen to the show own a good number of blockchain heroes characters.

While, as you also might know, Travis and I have gone down the AI rabbit hole and we’ve started another podcast called The Bad AI Show. If you go to AI SHOW DOT IO, You can catch up and see the episodes that are there. There’s just so many amazing, interesting things happening in the AI space right now and being technologists, we love to play with all of the toys just the same.

So fast forward to one of the tools that we found that uses AI has the ability to use prompts to create some amazing new variations on images. So we started putting blockchain heroes, classic characters into this tool and absolutely loved what we came up with.

Now we are big fans of surprising and delighting our fans and our customers, and so we wanted to see if we could put together something that would offer that surprise and delight to existing blockchain heroes holders or those that want to onboard into the collection right now.

In fact, now’s a really good time because the prices of everything in the NFT world are down so much.

Those of you watching the video version, I’m going to go ahead and pull up the screen here on Atomic Hub.

If you go to our special page, which is Heroes Dot Atomic Hub, you can go to the Hero Tools section and you’ll see all the information about the various series that we have released. And there have been four series to date. At the bottom, you’ll find this collections tab, and this is where you can go through all of the series and see the various heroes and all of the variations of those heroes that are collectible. How many are in supply, how rare they are, and so forth.

We have decided to put together a unique collection that is going to be no cost for blockchain heroes holders that offers them a set of new AI generated and inspired variations on 37 heroes and villains. It’s called the Energize Pack.

And I’m going to play this video for you right now so you can get a look at it. If you’re listening to the audio, then just listen to the cool jams for about 60 seconds. Here you go.

It’s going to be real easy to do. So for those of you that are holding Series one, series two or Series three commons, what you’ll do is you’ll be going to the website that we have designated. I’m going to link you to an article for this show as well so that you can read all about it on our medium blog post.

But if you own common nfts from series one, the Heroes or Titan Packs Series two here or Titan Packs or Series three Retro Rebellion hero in Titan Packs, you’ll be able to get up to 37 different heroes. You’ll see on the blog that we have them all listed as different numbers and quantities based on their rarity.

So for example, Knight Errant kick flick Flip, Omega and Robin Hood, those are commons. There’s 160 of each of those in the set of 2000 warring lizard, sooth and saber, and some others are rare. There’s only 40 of those.

There’s 20 of each epic, ten of each legendary, five of each mythic. And then only one out of 2000 hero cards is the one of one Genesis card, which is going to be highly desirable.

And what you’re going to do is you’re going to go to our site on NFT Blocks and you’re going to choose from series one, series two or series three, and you’re going to select 20 from one of those series to burn.

When you burn them, you’re going to end up getting one of these blockchain heroes energized one NFT pack, and that’s going to contain one of these heroes, one of the 37 heroes in the different rarities, you see.

So we’re bringing utility to existing collections and we’re not charging people anything to participate in this. We’re simply saying, Hey, we honor and respect you as part of our community and family and you can use some of your extra supply of nfts to create something new right now. So it’s a fun new activity. Anybody can participate.

If you’re not a current blockchain heroes collector, then go over to Heroes Dot Atomic Hub, Dot IO and pick up some commons. In fact, if we go over there right now and look at the price of some of these in wax, I’ll bet you you can get some really good deals.

You just click on the market up here and then you go to Official Hero and let’s just click on series one, for example. We’ll go ahead and sort these by the lowest price.

So you can see right here, Commons are going for as little as $0.05 right now. So all you need are 20 of these to get one of those packs. So that’s about a buck to get a pack. If you bought 20 of these at a nickel each to burn, then that would be about $1. If we go to series two and look at the commons, you could see some of these are even cheaper.

By the way, these get you the same packs $0.03 for the commons. Of course, this is going to make your commons more scarce. So we’re lowering supply dramatically of what’s out there and giving people something new, new surprise and delight.

So if you’ll check out the show notes for this episode, it will take you to this medium blog where you can read all about the the activity and get details on how to prepare.

It begins on Tuesday, April 4th at 12 noon Eastern Time, and it will continue until all 2000 packs have been claimed. So that’s 2000 times that people in the community will need to burn 20 commons.

Now you cannot mix different series. We just don’t have the technology that makes it easy to do that. But on Nifty Blocks, the tool that we’re using, you pick either series one, Series two or series three, take your 20 nfts, put them in the burner or the blender, as they like to call it, and out will pop your new pack, which you can open up immediately.

Now, if you have some additional questions about this, the link to the discord is at the bottom of this article right here. And you can jump over to our discord, discord forward, slash nifty. There’ll be more details there. The community there will be very helpful to answer your questions.

And I’m going to create a short link to this medium article as well. For those of you listening, just go to Nifty dot show forward slash, energize, nifty dot show forward slash energize will take you right to the article with all of the details.

We’ve got some great interviews coming for you in future episodes of the nifty show. Of course, Travis, myself and Riles will all be going along with Minty cell to New York City for NFT NYC. We’re all speaking. I’m going to be talking about our particular topics. Travis and I will be discussing the past, present and future of Nfts Minty Cell will be moderating a panel on women in. And Riles is going to be talking about what true ownership and playing own gaming in the Web3 world looks like. So if you’re going to New York, let us know. Send us an email to the nifty show at and come see us give our talks there.

We look forward to hearing from you guys. Also looking forward to seeing you participate in this energized activity. We think it’s going to be a great deal of fun. We’ll catch you on the next episode. Until then, keep it nifty.

S3: Looking into the future, what do we see? It’s lined with digital collectibles. We call them NFT games, trading cards, digital art. And those CryptoKitties.

UU: Joey Riles are the hosts. You’ll know Droll. And I’ll say, This won’t blow the lock. The Lord, it’s already set. Go. It’s the nifty. Really kind of.

S4: Spiffy.

UU: A nifty show.


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