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Aussie Mates





AussieMates is a 10k collection of highly-unique Kangaroo NFTs, aesthetically inspired by irreverent Aussie culture.

Founded on the belief that ‘no mate should be left behind’ perks of NFT ownership empower collectors in the Down Under Club to access a range of rewarding experiences that elevate the highs and even the lows. All aimed at pushing the community forward.  We love how kangaroos can only move forward and that’s what we want for our community.

Bianca (@bmuse90) Co-Founder

With a background in advertising, Bianca is a Co-Founder at AM8 covering the creative developments of the project including creative production, community relations, product, and communications strategy.  She’s passionate about NFT technology and the power it has to evolve industries. Co-founding AussieMates with her brother after seeing the gap in projects successfully merging physical and digital experiences. She enjoys music, sport, and performance art outside of work. Follow her here @bmuse90

Minting soon

>10k priced at 0.05ETH, minting starts in January 2022. Follow Twitter @aussiematesio for the latest mint info

> Your Mate’s rarity is split between Ultra rare (1%), Rare (10%), and Standard (89%)

>Rarity is dependent on headwear, clothing, items they’re holding, wildlife, and backdrop including the iconic Great Barrier Reef.

Down Under Club rewards:

> Access to AussieMates AR app that will reward experiences. Rewards include ETH, NFTs and mates rates with partner brands + more! Available globally.

> LIVINWell mental health program available to our community.

> Mates Helping Mates access to street parties, NFT + business mentorships

> Collect all 5 Golden Cockatoos to win an all-expenses trip, anywhere in the world, on us

> Mate Day on May 8, an exclusive event in the metaverse event, music, art & culture

> HODL rewards 1month > gets an NFT, 2 months > 0.05ETH, 3 months > airdrop 1/1 drop

> Voting rights like the next charity partner

> 3D modeling of mates to hop around the metaverse

> Merch for IRL & Metaverse

+ heaps more

Hop on in


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