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A Talk with Legendary Graphic Novelist Frank Miller – Nifty News #94 for Tuesday, Sept 21st

Let’s face it, there’s more to talk about in the NFT space than there is time.  In episode 94, we got to have a chat with Frank Miller, legendary graphic novelist and film director.  If you’ve ever seen a Dark Knight graphic novel or are familiar with the Sin City series, you’re on the right track.  And as always we’ve got news-a-plenty.




FRANK MILLER is regarded as one of the most influential and awarded creators in the entertainment industry today, known for his intense, hard-boiled storytelling and gritty noir aesthetic across comics, novels and film. Launched in June 19, Miller has re-teamed with artist John Romita Jr. for Superman: Year One, a groundbreaking, definitive treatment of Superman’s classic origin story distributed under the DC Black Label. 

Additionally, Miller illustrated Cursed – his young adult novel debut with writer Thomas Wheeler, a reimagining of the King Arthur legend from the point of view of sixteen-year-old Nimue, the young woman who first wielded Excalibur and became the all-powerful Lady of the Lake. Cursed is published by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers. Cursed is now an original Netflix series starring Katherine Langford, with Miller serving as co-creator and executive producer.

Recently, Miller completed writing and illustrating Xerxes: The Fall of the House of Darius and the Rise of Alexander. Published by Dark Horse Comics, it’s a five-issue companion epic to his award-winning series 300.

Miller made his feature film directorial debut in 2005 with SIN CITY, the adaptation of his graphic novel, which he co-directed with Robert Rodriguez.  The critically acclaimed film was nominated for a Palme d’Or at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival, won the Austin Film Critics Award and garnered a Czech Lion nomination.  In 2015, Miller and Rodriguez returned as co-directors on a sequel with SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR which reunited the duo with returning cast members as well as series newcomers Josh Brolin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Eva Green and Lady Gaga among others. 

In 2007, Miller served as an executive producer on Zack Snyder’s blockbuster 300, based on his own graphic novel, written by Miller and painted by Lynn Varley.  The film went on to gross over $456 million dollars worldwide in box office alone.  In 2008, he wrote and directed his second feature, THE SPIRIT, an action fantasy based on the Will Eisner comic book series and starring Gabriel Macht, Eva Mendes, Sarah Paulson, Scarlett Johansson, and Samuel L. Jackson.

Miller became a professional comic book artist while in his teens, working on a variety of assignments for major publishers, including Gold Key, DC and Marvel.  He first drew attention to his work on two issues of Marvel’s Spectacular Spider-Man, in a story that teamed the ever-popular arachnid with another popular character Daredevil.  Miller was then offered the regular penciling slot on Daredevil’s own book and, soon after, took over the writing chores on the title.  Over the next several years, in collaboration with inker Klaus Janson, he created the ninja assassin-for-hire, Elektra.

In the early 1980s, Miller attracted further attention as one of the first comic freelancers who braved the field outside the comfortable world of company-owned characters with the creation of Ronin, a futuristic high-tech samurai pop adventure.  It was the first of several collaborations with Lynn Varley.

Since then, Miller has added a number of notable projects to his repertoire, including Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, with Janson and Varley; Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again, with Varley; Batman: Year One, illustrated by David Mazzuchelli and colored by Richmond Lewis; Elektra: Assassin, illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz; Elektra Lives Again, with Varley; the award-winning Martha Washington miniseries Give Me Liberty, illustrated by Dave Gibbons; and Hard Boiled, illustrated by Geof Darrow. Recently, Miller alongside Brian Azzarello completed DC’s best-selling Batman: The Dark Knight: Master Race, a nine-issue second sequel to The Dark Knight Returns.

The Sin City books have garnered numerous awards, including two Harvey awards for Best Graphic Album of Original Work in 1998 and Best Continuing Series in 1996; and six Eisner Awards, including those for Best Writer/Artist, Best Graphic Novel Reprint, Best Cartoonist, Best Cover Artist, Best Limited Series and Best Short Story.  In 2015, Miller was inducted Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame for his lifetime of contributions to the industry.


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